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Autodesk Revit Live 2019.2.1 Free Download Latest Version

Mojek Systems released the MOJEK Universal Property Definition (MUP) v1.0 standard recently. The MUP standard defines a set of properties applicable across architectural simulation platforms. MOJEK aims to help property writers and buyers identify a property definition that is portable across architectural simulators. In the press release, Rob Elvik, the President of MOJEK Systems, provided some interesting insights on why MOJEK released this standard. MOJEK’s announcement is timely because of the growing demand of property definition in architectural simulation. The property definitions used in architectural simulation have different functions and scales. For instance, MOJEK’s standard includes key building and landscape properties that make up the building mass and landscape mass. But it also includes vegetation and shadowing properties that are applicable at much larger scales. Such properties are not included in the MUP standard yet. MOJEK’s MUP standard provides a complete set of building and landscape properties that have a unified and recognizable structure. Such properties will further enable property analysis and visualization in architectural simulation.Q: GroupBy records by Column, but not in order What I'm trying to do is group records by a specific column, but not in order, instead, it's group by a column based on a column it's currently grouped by. Consider this scenario: Table --------- | ---------------- ID | Number 1 | 1 1 | 2 2 | 3 3 | 4 2 | 5 1 | 6 1 | 7 2 | 8 3 | 9 In this example I want to group rows by ID, and sum the column Number in groups. But I also want to group by ID, and

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